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We want to inspire you on a journey of wine discovery by offering you fun, down to earth, non-stuffy wine tasting experiences – something different from the norm. We also have a passion for English Wine and would love to introduce you to its many wonders!

We are an independent wine company who offer an honest and personal service, as a husband and wife team we do everything ourselves. We offer quality over quantity and go out of our way to make sure the best wine, service and venue is offered to clients. You won’t get the cold fronted hard sell from us.

Wine tasting is what we do! And we love it! Wine is a constantly evolving entity, from grape to glass, from year to year, fashion to fashion, constantly moving forward to reach a bigger audience.

In as much as we are evolving. Having taken the plunge in an adventure of all things wine has enabled us to pick up some of the many different facets that there is to wine. We have tried our hands in the vineyard, winery and wine-making, working at top-level wine competitions, putting our sales techniques to the test such as lending a hand selling wine for local wine merchants, delivering a pop-up bar in various locations including an art gallery, hair salon and finance shop, getting involved with local festivals in a wine-related manner, having a go at presenting wine tasting events as well as organising wine celeb master classes. Phew….! It has been a busy and challenging time but let’s not overlook, exciting! We have more to give and much more to do, our vision is one of constant evolution. We are working on more ideas, some may come to nothing whilst others, we hope, shall keep the enjoyment of wine growing and moving, picking up more and more passengers as we go! In the meantime, jump onboard and join us at one of our wine tasting events or pop-up bars…

Kelvyn Guest | Wine Punkster           Ruth Guest | Wine Hipster

Wine to the people! Code breaker and culture maker – shaping wine for the people of today!
Travel, spice and all things nice, wine culture be the food of love!


“Kelvyn is deep and complex, full of Mediterranean spice like a good Syrah, he is strong willed and comes with a hint of chaos.”

“Ruth reminds me of a fine English fizz, she is something a little different, striving to be independent, lively and vibrant. She pops my cork!”

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