To save the embarrassment of Kel trying to recite, or should we correctly say: kill, Burns great work, as can be seen in this ‘Wine & Dine’ video from our Guest Wines YouTube Channel we thought it best to leave it to the great man himself:

Go bring to me a pint o wine,
And fill it in a silver tassie;
That I may drink, before I go,
A service to my bonie lassie…

And here’s another boozy prose:

Let other poets raise a fracas
“Bout vines, an’ wines, an’ drucken Bacchus,
An’ crabbit names an’stories wrack us,
An’ grate our lug:
I sing the juice Scotch bear can mak us,
In glass or jug.

O thou, my muse! guid auld Scotch drink!
Whether thro’ wimplin worms thou jink,
Or, richly brown, ream owre the brink,
In glorious faem,
Inspire me, till I lisp an’ wink,
To sing thy name!

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And don’t forget to Address The Haggis!

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From the team at Guest Wines

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