Rebel Wine is made from exceptional quality wine, infused with a touch of organically grown, water soluble hemp, from Colorado. This hemp contains 6% CBD and is completely natural. Each 200ml can of Rebel Wine contains 166mg of Hemp which includes 10mg of CBD.

Rebel are listed on the  FSA register of CBD products linked to Novel food applications: Ref RP438 in association with the EIHA.  Only CBD products on this list can be legally sold in the UK. This is part of the government programme to regulate CBD and ensure all CBD products conform to government guidelines and are safe for human consumption.

CBD is a natural compound found in hemp, a variety of the species Cannabis Sativa. It has long been prized across the world for its calming properties. Marijuana is a different variety of the same species. The difference between the two is that marijuana typically contains 15% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the psychoactive element which gets you high and is illegal in UK. Hemp on the other hand has less than 1%.

It is illegal to sell Hemp in the UK with more than 0.2% THC, which is why it is removed before infusion to an even lower level.

CBD can interact with other prescription drugs including some immune suppressants and blood thinners. You should consult your doctor before taking CBD if you are using any prescription drugs.

The Rebel Story really began in Zimbabwe in the early 90’s, when demand for anything even resembling wine far exceeded supply. Rupert, Chief Rebel, worked out there as a commercial pilot in those days, so bringing in a steady supply of delicious South African wine was pretty straight forward.  Sales were so good, that, on return to these shores in 2005, a wine business was the only sensible option. Southern Wines was born then, specialising in South African wine, which continues to flourish today.  Rebel Wine, founded in 2017, and is the latest addition to the portfolio, concentrating on slightly different products, which may not always appeal to mainstream winos.  After all, as they say in these parts “If you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun!”  So let’s have some fun.

The wines come from the Vondeling Estate located in Voor Paardeberg in South Africa. Vondeling have been accredited with many awards and recognition for the work they have carried out in sustainability practices and are a proud sponsor of the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative. Vondeling continues its commitment to conservation for its unique biodiversity under the banner of the WWF as Conservation Champions. Vondeling is a proud Gold Business Supporter of the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa.

This product has a natural infusion of CBD derived from Organic Hemp grown in ColoradoPlease be aware, this is a natural product, so will be slightly cloudy.

The range consists of:
Sauvignon Blanc
Skinny Spritzers (white & rosé)



From the team at Guest Wines