Chardonnay & Pinot Noir – two of the World’s oldest and greatest grape varieties, and two of the World’s best known when it comes to winemaking!

But poor old Chardonnay is often derided – unfairly we would say!

Chardonnay can grow almost anywhere, so this can mean in places where winemaking would be best left alone. However, this also makes the variety rather versatile, as it can make light to fuller bodied white wines, it loves oak but also tastes delicious without, it makes wonderful sparkling wine, and sits well in cooler as well as warmer climes…

Pinot Noir on the other hand, prefers things to be somewhat cooler. It’s fussy where it grows and doesn’t like too much messing around. It can tolerate oak but not too much. It prefers instead to show off its intoxicating and alluring perfume! It too likes to sparkle and can be found in most fizzy wines!

Both can be found in some of the World’s most sought after wines, be it Burgundy, Chablis or Champagne, and with these styles emanated around the World, both should be celebrated for their achievements.

And did you know that both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are two of the most planted grape varieties here in the UK? Initially, they were used for making wonderful English Sparkling Wine, but now also have found their way into still wines as well! And very good are they!

Both can be served on the cooler side, and both make perfect partners with or without food. So, go on, why not give them a go! If you want to try both grapes at the same time, then reach for either a rather good Champagne or English Sparkling Wine!

There’s so much to choose from!

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