As the summer begins to draw to an end, and we hope that you all have had an enjoyable time, we can now feel autumn beginning to make its presence known. It’s back to school, as those nights start to draw-in, and our thoughts look towards, cooler, crisper days, autumnal colours, darker nights, and of course comforting warming wines and spirits to guide us through this glorious part of the year.

Often our attentions focus on the home and making things cosy for the days and nights ahead.

At Guest Wines, we like to think that there’s a wine for every occasion, and not every one of these occasions necessary needs to have the same wine or type of wines to go with it. Whilst we can all have those ‘go to’ wines, you know the ones that seem to fit year in year out, at certain times of the year. Whilst these are certainly pleasing, it’s still worth ‘stepping outside the box’ occasionally by either trying something completely new or something that you might not expect to be drinking on a cooler autumn night.

Let’s start with say a sparkler – not only does sparkling wine seem to fit in at any time, any place and with almost anything, it goes to say that this can also encompass the seasons as well! And if you fancy a fizz that offers a hug along with its sparkle, then why not try a red! You’ll be surprised at just how good these are – they’re no joke!

You simply cannot go wrong with a white wine either; they seem to suit the cooler ambience of a autumn day (or night), whether its fresh and crisp or a rounder, warmer spicier version with just a touch of oak.

Orange wine reflects autumn really well with its darker hue, orange citrus fruit and spice, held within a taught body that begins to broaden with each sip.

And what about pink?!? Yes, a rosé sits just as well looking at the leaves falling, as it does on a warm summers day. If you don’t believe us, then why not give it a go!

With red wine, we still think that there’s nothing better than a light lower alcohol red offered up slightly chilled to really bring those sweet fruits to the fore, whilst heightening their freshness, and not losing any of its appeal.

As with spirits, you cannot, we repeat cannot, go wrong with gin, and with so many flavours available, there’s something for everyone, or why not reach for the spicy caress of a brandy or rum…

But, if now is the time to be thinking bigger bolder wines – then we have them aplenty! Wines that give you the biggest hug as though you are reacquainting yourself with an old friend who never fails to impress and never lets you down – go on, take a look for yourself at our Online Store, and get to find the ones you’ll come to adore time and time again, keeping you feeling all warm and cosy, whilst the nights get long…