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Healthy mind, healthy body … easier said than done!

What we eat, what we drink, how much we exercise, what’s going on around us both around the world and closer to home all has an effect on us to some extent.

It’s about finding the right balance for you, which will be different for the person next to you.

Enjoying a glass of wine can help us wind down, can enhance and change the food we’re eating, can even be of some benefits health wise.

We have so much choice now though, we can try lower alcohol wines, natural wines and even no alcohol wines.

Having been disappointed by many non-alcoholic wines we’ve tried, we were extremely pleased when we tried Vallformosa’s 0% Cava … that tastes fantastic.

For lower alcohol, look to English still wines such as Coleridge Hill, Three Choirs, Gloucestershire and Rieslings like Reh Kendermann Terroir Riesling Kalkstein 2016, Pfalz Germany.

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