Calling all you Pit Boss’s out there… Let’s start a fire! Get the braai, hangi, yakitori, barbie, asado, BBQ whatever you want to call it… lit! Did you know that this week is National BBQ Week (4-10th July)

We would also probably call it good times with friends, complimented with good food, and of course good wine! And now the magic really begins!

So, let’s get basting, mopping, firing, spicing, and generally doing a lot of finger licking, and it’s party time!

Oh wait…!!!

What about the wine???!!?? Do you need some spiritsSoft drinks and mixers perhaps???

Then, you best get on the case and be the ace when it comes to being king of the grill! Hop to our Shop now!

Happy National BBQ Week!

From the team at Guest Wines