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Mixed Cases

  • With hot weather forecast, this case of mixed roses will guarantee a fantastic weekend. Made up of the following from Italy, Spain and South Africa:
    ONLY £78.00
  • English Wine Case

    English Wines Have Never Been So Popular!

    This is as close as it gets to wines not only being delivered to your door but grown within a stones throw, and with some of it produced just down the road as well! The English Wine industry continues to grow and flourish producing top-notch wines that can give some of the more established wine regions around the world a run for their money. Our 6 mix case gives a good representation of what is out there, and shows just how good it is!
  • Sale!

    Jane Hunter Case

    £180.90 £150.00
    Jane Hunter is probably best known for her Sauvignons, however, she also makes cracking whites from other grape varieties. This mixed case gives you the opportunity to find out for yourself.
  • Sale!

    Shop Rioja (Case of 6)

    £70.80 £63.00
    Special offer 10% discount on this case of wines from Rioja, Spain in celebration of this Spain's flagship region.
  • Sale!

    South American Beauties

    £110.16 £92.00
    Easy drinking whites from Argentina and Chile.
  • Summer has arrived, the nights are light, now is the time to think of refreshing wines to accompany the season. We have put together a mixed case for you to enjoy. Two bottles of each wine.
  • Italy is a country that is covered with vineyards from top to bottom. It also boasts many many indigenous grape varieties enabling it to be very versatile with it comes to range and style. To make things that bit easier for anyone wanting to dip in their toes, we have put together a 12 bottle mixed case that we think gives a good impression of what this fabulous country has to offer. Here, we have included some familiar grape varieties and regions, as well as popping in one or two lesser known ones too. The wines are also very food friendly, so what's not to like! So allow you inner explorer to be set free and get in tune with the Latino vibe! 12 mixed case £108 Special Offer - Normal Price £115.
  • Showcasing 6 classic Italian grape varieties and styles!  
  • We have chosen some great examples of grapes from around the world and come up with a very special 12 bottle case that has something for everyone. This special case consists of:
    ONLY £95.00
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