Red Wine

Red wine has been around and enjoyed by man for a long, long time. There are so many good wines to choose from, even if you think you don’t like red there are so many to choose from, from lighter Pinot Noir styles to dark and dark, brooding Malbec or Shiraz.

Made from dark skinned grapes, from pale as pink to vibrant, deep, dark purple, almost black. In fact the grapes used for making wine don’t generally have red skins, even though they produce wine of a red colour.

Tannin is the main difference between Red wine and White wine. It comes from the skins and gives Red wine its characteristic dryness. Some red grapes have higher tannin, usually when they have thicker skins and this makes them drier. These wines can make your gums literally stick to you teeth and are often come into their own more with food. Saying that, if you like a builders cup of tea, these are the wines you’re going to like!

Red wine is made with the skins left in with the grape juice while it ferments, which can be done with white but usually isn’t.