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    Located in the north of the Peloponnese, Nemea has a long tradition of history-engraved viticulture and is the home of the largest single vineyard in Greece. The Barafakas winery, in spite of being a young and boutique producer, has been deeply influenced by the history and culture of this region. Nemea is also the place, in Greek Mythology, where Hercules performed his first labour by killing the Nemea lion which had ravaged the area and threatened the locals. Knowing that, the lion in the winery’s logo absolutely has made the brand more identifiable in term of its origin. Dominated by the aromas of cherry jam and liquorice with notes of fresh red fruits, such as strawberry and a subtle hint of pomegranate, which help keep it fruity and refreshing. It then gradually releases hints of herbs and spices. The wine has no trace of oak barrel, thus making it a fruity and easy-drinking wine. On the palate the wine is dry, with high acidity, soft tannins and a medium long spicy finish. Try with stroganoff, pappardelle pasta with a porcini ragu or why not try a vegan ragu instead!      
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    The organic family winery is located at the foot of Mount Skolis, Santamerianiko Mountain, which dominates over the Castle ruins of Sant’ Or, built by the Franco-Flemish in 1273. In the historic Village of Santameri in Achaia, at 30Km from Patras and an altitude of 600m, the family vineyards cover an area of 4 hectares and grow the indigenous Peloponnesian varieties, Roditis, Agiorgitiko, Mavrodaphne and the unique local white aromatic variety Santameriana, that was revived, thanks to the efforts of the winery. Cultivation follows the biodynamic principles since 2015 and the wines are produced with minimal intervention and very low sulphite addition at bottling in the modern winery. Agiorgitiko is the quiet power grape of the Greek vineyard and of yet unexplored potential. It is not only the PDO grape of Nemea, the largest region with such status but has the fame that spreads throughout Greece and so does its cultivation. It is also the most marketed grape domestically, to the extent that one can find agents selling wines of Nemea anywhere in Greece, even in the heart of other dedicated wine-producing regions. It performs well in hot climates and gives a variety of styles. Thick-skinned of variable size, depending on the clone and with around 8 clones available commercially today. It is potentially high yielding, late budding and late ripening. Deep red colour, cherry, sour cherry and liquorice bouquet. Rich mouthfeel with velvety tannins and a long aftertaste. Aged in old oak barrels. Good to go with Greek style meatballs (or veggie equivalent), moussaka or manitaropita (Greek mushroom pie) Biodynamic


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