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‘Abraham & The Heretics’ Pinotage 2015, WO Stellenbosch


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The wine is named after the esteemed South African, Abraham Izak Perold, credited with the development of the Pinotage variety. He toured Europe extensively to explore international grape varieties, returning with some 177 examples! The collection still exists at the Welgevallen Experimental Farm of the Stellenbosch University.

However, the development of Pinotage was somewhat fortuitous, Abraham having left crossings of Pinot Noir and Cinsault in his garden while he was traveling. If it wasn’t for young lecturer, Charlie Niehaus, who rescued the seedlings, this controversial variety may never have taken off!

A fresh red from South Africa with a vibrant purple colour. It is packed with lively red berry and sweet black cherry fruit flavours and there’s a hint of spice and smokiness on the finish


Only 5 left in stock

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South Africa Red Wine

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