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Adoria Dornfelder 2021, Lower Silesia Poland


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Adoria Vineyard is owned and cared for by Mike Whitney. Mike was born amidst the vineyards of California and moved with his family to Seattle, Washington, just as that state’s Vineyards were beginning to challenge California as America’s best.

As a young man, Mike discovered Poland and has lived here since 1995. It was destiny that he would combine his love and knowledge of wine with the perfect growing conditions of Southwest Poland to create Adoria Vineyards.

The grapes for their Dornfelder come from the family vineyard of Janusz Terlecki in Zachowice. Meticulously cultivated over the last three summers, Janusz’s grapes produce a wine that highlights the deep colour, fragrance, and full body expected of the Dornfelder varietal.

This interesting variety, created 50 years ago, has long been one of the German classics of red wines and has been very popular for years.

Passion, talent, but also a huge effort put by Janusz and his family to obtain the highest quality fruit, were reflected in the excellent taste of wine and its expressive and wonderful aroma.

Enjoy with baked ham, chicken casseroles, and grilled cod. It’s also delicious paired with Hawaiian-style pizza! Blood sausage with speck (bacon) cubes (grieweworscht), Singaporean black pepper crab or Armenian potato and lamb moussaka!

Only 2 left in stock

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