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Amarone Musella 2016, Veneto Italy


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“Our wines follow an ambitious project, not only because biodynamic, but because we believe that now is the time for the Valpolicella to further exploit its territorial potential, free from market constraints in order to better express all their innate class in purity and taste.”

The winery owns three vineyards on three different hills, rich in forest and natural oasis. The variety of soil composition and the favourable exposition mainly to West guarantee an interesting combination.

  • First year of production: 2006

    Vineyard: Corvina 45%, Corvinone 50%, Rondinella 5%, Oseleta 5%

    Geographical Location: Veneto – Italy Northeast of Verona, in the hill that divides Montorio from the Valle d’Illasi

    Extension: 27 hectares of new shoulder pad

    Plant date: 1960 to 2001

    Composition of the soil: Limestone with prevalence of iron red clay in the vineyards The Perlar and Palazzina, medium tufa clay dough in the Mount of the Dragon

    Strains per hectare: 5/7000 to shoulder

    Harvest: September 1 to October 5

    Yield per plant: 1 kg

    Climate trend: 2016 is THE VINTAGE! It happens every 10/12 years only. Very regular Winter and Spring, Summer gently hot with some regular and soft rains in the perfect moments.. This great balance in the vineyards gave us the possibility to have one of the best wine we ever produced!

    Winemaking technique: The grapes chosen and collected in boxes are arranged in a special ventilated room to be dried according to the famous process of Drying. Grapes lose 35% of their original weight concentrating sugars, aromatic components and noble tannins. In February, soft pressing takes place and fermentation starts at low natural temperature (13th – 17th); the long maceration maximum extraction of the fruit. The wine remains for 12 months in oak tonneau French and in barrels of larger sizes (700, 1500 and 2000 litres); after bottling, remains to refine at least 8 months before being sold.

    Alcohol: 15,98 % vol

    Total acidity: 6.90 gr/l

    PH: 3.40

    Sugary residue: 4.90 gr/l

    Dry extract: 36.90 g/l

    Try with ribbon pasta and rabbit, mushroom or truffle risotto vegetarian lasagna pasta with blue cheese, bigoli col’ anatra (pasta with duck ragù), roasted pigeon, pheasant with walnuts and truffle or pumpkin soup… the choice is yours!


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