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Amphorvm Sauvignon Verdejo Blanco 2022, Mureda, Castilla La Mancha Spain


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This organic estate lies in an iconic Spanish landscape: it was the home of Cervantes’ fictional knight Don Quixote. Moreover, there have been many centuries of the most bitter battles across this land between the invading Moors and indigenous Christians. The plight of a Moorish princess of the time inspired the name ‘Mureda’. She was orphaned in one of the many battles across the region, remained hidden and protected here by a knight. So the house became known as ‘The House of the Moor’ or ‘La casa de Mureda’. This was in tribute to the brave young girl’s plight in a time of great conflict.

Amphorum Sauvignon Verdejo Blanco is a refreshing blend of Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc. With a bright lemon colour, fresh and fruity aromas and crisp citrus flavours this organic certified wine has a pleasingly fruity finish.

Fab with white bean stew, stuffed aubergine, stuffed vine leaves or turkey noodle salad


In stock


Spain white wine


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