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Aoton Winery Lola, Rosé Retsina 2020, Peania, Attica, Central Greece


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Aoton is the ancient word for the finest specimen of its kind, something that represents the wines of the winery: fine quality with faith in the authenticity of the Mediterranean and the potential of the varieties.

The night harvest, the 8 months with the fine lees, the pure pine resin, the oenologist Sotiris Gkinis, are all what make the rosé Retsina Lola of the Aoton winery special. This unique wine is made according to the classic white wine vinification process, with the addition of a small quantity of pine-resin to the 100% Mandilaria must during fermentation. The power of the fermentation dissolves the resin, leaving behind subtle resinous undertones.

A wine with a very delicate taste and aroma, it brings the scent of dried strawberries, raspberries and pine needles. On the palate, flavours of melon and strawberries float over botanical base notes.

The wine is perfect with, sardines, spicy sausages, and any olive-oil based dish

In stock

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Greece rosé retsina


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