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Aoton Winery Retsina of Mesogia 2020, Peania, Attica, Central Greece


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Retsina is a traditional Greek wine style which is flavoured with pine resin. If you’ve only ever tried the industrially-produced versions, don’t let this put you off for life. The best examples of the style are genuine fine wines with a unique character and heritage. Aoton make one of the best, and it’s worth going into a little detail about the winemaking process to show just how much care and attention is involved.

A blend of 75% Savatiano and 25% Roditis, the fruit comes from organically farmed vineyards planted in the mid 1990’s. From organic vineyards of 1,65 hectares at Gonetses-Markopoulo and Gropeza-Peania. The grapes are picked by hand in the cool of the night and the must is wild yeast fermented in stainless steel with 10 days of skin contact. During fermenation, 0.5g per litre of Aleppo pine resin, collected traditionally by hand from the forest of Kouvaras, is added. The wine is then aged for 10 months on its lees before bottling.

Pale copper, light body. Herbs and floral nose. Distinct pallet, rosemary, tarragon, pine, lemon juice and lemon zest – the perfect match for roast chicken, goats cheese, young tender squid lightly floured and deep-fried, served with chips and salad, or vegetable-stuffed dolmades

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