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Bizarra Extravaganza Amphora Tannat 2019 Progreso Canelones Uruguay


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A concept from one of Uruguay’s leading Winemakers and Vineyard owner, Santiago Deicas. Employing natural wine making techniques and minimal intervention inspired by beer making processes. Highly innovative and really exploring the boundaries of wine making.

They apply principles of organic agriculture with a strong focus in caring for the environment. The goal is to achieve a balanced viticultural ecosystem with the minimum possible intervention, while considering carefully the impact each of their actions may have. Made with Tannat grapes from the Progreso region in Canelones sustainably farmed.

Around 7,000 years ago, wine-loving humans started to cultivate grapes rather than foraging them, and fashioned clay pots, which they filled with grapes and buried in the ground to maintain the temperature, and in which, over several months, the magic of winemaking happened. Therefore, they wanted to go back to the origins and do the same by using only a clay amphora, grapes and the indigenous yeast that are naturally present in the skins.

Seducing aromas of dark berries, clay with chocolate notes. In the mouth the freshness is almost indescribable. Simple purity and deliciousness.

Give it a blash with Uruguayan chivito, fallow deer roast, BBQ meats (veggie equivilent would be just as good), wild boar with chunky veg, quiche Lorraine with baby new pototoes or tomato pasta gratin



In stock


Uruguay red wine


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