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Tuffolo Gavi DOCG, Piedmont Italy


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This white wine is light golden yellow in colour. Notes of fresh fruits mark the scent profile of this wine. Experienced wine drinkers may also catch floral notes in its aroma.

This soft wine makes a great social wine, as it is easy to drink, despite its average alcohol content. The rich Cortese grape flavours add a citrusy zip to the wine. Other flavours lingering in the glass include apple, lemon, and honeydew.

The Tuffolo winery is responsible for making this delicate white wine. The vineyard is located in Piedmont, Gavi, Italy.

100% Cortese

This wine was is aged in stainless steel tanks, which is most common for this type of wine. Unlike some other white wines, this wine can be bottle-aged for several years. It can also be drunk immediately.

This wine pairs best with shellfish, seafood, crackers, hard cheeses, cured meat, and cream-based pasta sauces


Only 12 left in stock

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Italy white wine

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