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Flowerbomb Gin, Copper in the Clouds, Hertfordshire


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Quite simply, these guys a small, tight-knit team, working from Dowsetts Farm in Hertfordshire, striving to make the very best spirits and package them in a way that delights. Every spirit they create starts with the same question: What story do they want this liquid to tell? From celebration spirits to woodland walks, each distillate tells its own tale.

Super premium floral dry gin which draws inspiration from their local wile meadows in springtime. True organic beauty, reflected in a spirit, distilled on the farm in Hertfordshire.

Packed with floral botanicals for the most sophisticated palates, layers of floral flavour greets you with every sip. Attar of roses geranium, lavender, calendula, rose petals, orange blossom and chamomile all feature in the botanical bill.


Give it a go with fragrantly spiced curries and jasmine rice!

Out of stock

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England gin


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