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Domaine Les Yeuses St Felix IGP Pays d’Oc Red 2021


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Between the coast and countryside, Domaine Les Yeuses was built in the 13th century by the Templars at the site of an ancient Roman villa.

During the centuries, the buildings housed a hospital, the First Consul of Mèze during the French Revolution, and then a winemaking cellar. The estate gets its name from a forest of evergreen oak trees (yeuses in the local dialect). Today they have nearly disappeared, replaced by a path of olive trees.

The vineyard of Domaine Les Yeuses comprises over 80 hectares (197 acres) of limestone-rich moderate hillsides which enjoy a maritime breeze. This unique location suits a wide variety of grapes. The estate has been in the Dardé family for more than 30 years. Jean-Paul and Michel, brothers, share the vineyard and winemaking responsibilities. The winery is continuously recognized for its wide range of varietal wines; indeed, the geography of the vineyard gives the red, white and rosé wines a lively acidity and distinctive profile.

The vineyard of 80 hectares (197 acres) with a view of the Mediterranean is located on limestone-clay sandy soil on low hillsides. The Mediterranean climate accompanies the grape year-round while the proximity to the Sea provides cool temperatures at the end of maturation to maintain the fruit that is characteristic of Southern French wines.

Made from fruit grown on clay and limestone soil from grape varieties: Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon and Carignan.

The grapes are totally destemmed and put in tanks separately; pumping-overs are regularly done and temperatures are kept at approx. 28° C. Maceration is relatively short, once it is finished, running off of the juice in order to keep smooth tannins. The different grapes are then blended.

Nice ruby red with a fruity nose of cherry, blackberry; a well-balanced wine in the mouth with smooth tannins.

Top nosh with richer poultry dishes (turkey, duck), roasted pork, or even a meaty beef brisket, shepherd’s pie or roast aubergine with goulash type sauce & sweet potato fries!

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