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Domaine Treloar Le Rescapé Carignan 2016 Roussillon France


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Owned and operated by Englishman Jonathan Hesford and his Kiwi wife, Rachel Treloar. Rachel’s Maori and Cornish ancestry is reflected in their logo.

On 11 September 2001, they were living one block away from the World Trade Center. After seeing both planes crash into the buildings from a few hundred metres, they left their apartment with what they could carry. In the aftermath of that disaster, they lost their home, jobs and their right to live in the States.

The experience made them think about what really mattered in their life. They wanted a different environment for their children. They wanted to have more control over their direction and to spend our time working at something that truly motivates them. Enter wine…

Made from old Carignan vines using partial carbonic-maceration, followed by 3 months of ageing in neutral barrels. This gives a low-tannin, refreshingly fruity wine that can be drunk slightly chilled with lunch or in summer.

The lighter character of this Carignan, with no new oak, makes it a very nice choice for more delicate dishes.

It’s a lovely red wine to serve with fish, such as roast cod. Also can be enjoyed with a pumpkin risotto with truffle oil. It has enough body and ripe dusty southern fruit to pair with grilled meat too



In stock

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