Konishi Shuzo are the oldest brewery owned by one family, the Konishi family, starting in 1550 and due to this they have a broad range of sake that they produce. They were the first to produce clear sake, discovered as an accident when some ash was dropped into a batch! Although don’t let their history fool you, they are constantly at the forefront of innovative creations and state of the art technological techniques.

The Genroku Redux was created from the recipe of a sake made in 1703 and they tried to keep as faithfully close to replicating it as possible. The style is wildly different to the types of sake people are used to today, for instance the polishing rate is incredibly low meaning the protein content is high and umami flavours are present in abundance. The style is also on the sweeter side – it has a syrupy consistency and an amber hue. Think flavours of dried fig, raisins, nuts and liquorish.

Genroku Redux can be enjoyed by itself straight, warmed or on the rocks. It also pairs well with rich, heavy flavours such as game & pâté, also chocolate, nuts, mature cheeses & BBQ flavours