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Este Vinhao Red 2019, Adega de Ponte da Barca, Vinho Verde Portugal


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The Adega Cooperativa de Ponte da Barca, CLC, was provisionally founded in 1963 and its activity began in 1968.It occupies a Production area of about 849ha and is mainly located in the valleys of Lima and Vez Rivers.

Nowadays, it possesses about 1,100 associates. Which involves the entire area of Ponte da Barca and Arcos de Valdevez councils.In order to keep up with the new market tendencies, the winery has been supplying itself with modern and sophisticated technologies for the past years which combined with traditional methods, allows it to guarantee the quality, authenticity and image that its wines hold in the market today.

Red Vinho Verde, most of which is made from the Vinhão grape variety (known elsewhere in Portugal as Sousão), is a bit of an acquired taste. It’s hard to get hold of outside of the region, even though quite a bit of it is made. A lot is sold by carafe in restaurants. Good ones are utterly delicious, and a little wild and rustic, with keen acidity and vibrant fruit. The work well with meaty, fatty food. This is a nice example, tamed slightly to suit the modern palate, but still capturing the essence of this unique and eminently drinkable wine. This is made by the Adega de Ponte de Barca co-op, and it will be inexpensive.

10% alcohol. Vibrant red/purple colour. Sweet, vivid nose is spicy with raspberry and cherry fruit. The palate is fresh with a bit of spritz and lovely fresh berry fruits, and a hint of cinnamon. A superbly drinkable, fruit-driven red wine in a joyful, vibrant, light style.

Give it a whirl with roasted goat, Sarrabulho (meat and rice stew) or wild mushroom risotto


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Portugal red wine


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