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Hunter’s Gewürztraminer 2020, Marlborough New Zealand


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Hunter’s is a small owned estates, situated in the Wairau River Valley, Marlborough. Jane Hunter OBE is a highly trained viticulturist and together with the talents of her winemaker (and nephew) James MacDonald, Hunter’s wines has achieved an enviable reputation for producing some of the world’s finest Sauvignon Blancs.

All the vineyards at Hunter’s are certified sustainable, ensuring the methods being used are the safest possible for the environment, protecting the people that work and live within and around the vineyard and ultimately anyone who enjoys the wine.

The area produces grapes with a very complex and developed flavour, with intense varietal flavour – a hallmark of the Wairau River Valley. With over 80 gold medals awarded in competitions, both nationally and internationally, the Hunter’s range is of exceptional calibre.

James MacDonald is meticulous in his winemaking approach, creating a unique style based on the intense and very pure fruit characteristics typical of the region’s wines. Hunter’s create quality wines that never cease to inspire.

Lychee, peach and guava are the predominant aromas that make up this appealing Gewurztraminer. Cinnamon and Turkish delight characteristics complement these aromas to from a highly aromatic flavoursome wine with a lingering palate.

It just needs Asian food loaded with lemon grass, tamarind, galangal, chilli and palm sugar and why not throw in a bit of tropical fruit. And if that doesn’t grab your fancy then what about spicy sausages or good old Munster cheese!




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New Zealand white wine


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