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Inédito Turrax Blanco Single Vineyard 2017, Rioja Spain


Bodegas Lacus can be found in the hotter, drier sub region Rioja Baja. There Luis Arnedo makes around 5,000 bottles of this wine a year. He’s obviously some kind of winemaking magician, because all of his crisp and energetic wines seem to defy the heat of the vineyards.

Inédito Single Vineyard Rioja Blanco is an extremely rare pure Garnacha Blanca from 50-year-old vines. It’s aged for seven months in oak barrels, which imparts a vanilla cream flavour over the fresh tropical fruit, peach, quince, wild herbs and tangy grapefruit.

It would go wonderfully with flavours like roast chicken, fennel, tarragon and butter, not to mention lemon-doused, deep-fried morsels

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Spain white wine

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