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Laneberg Maximillan Red England


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The Winery by Laneberg Wine is Tyneside’s first Urban Winery. We handcraft wine from grapes grown in England with minimal intervention to let the true character of the grapes shine through.

100% Regent, from Furnace Yark’s Hill Vineyard, Herefordshire. 10.5% abv

Aged in old French oak for four months and then bottled without fining or filtration at the winery. No sulphites were added during this process.

2,300 bottles produced.

No animal products are used in production.

Maximilian 2019, named after Elise’s eldest son, is made with 100% Regent grape variety, a Germanic grape that grows really well in the English climate, and is a lovely fruity, fresh and light English red. The perfect red to be drunk ever so slightly cool in the garden during the upcoming Summer evenings.

Notes on Maximilian 2019:

“On the nose, fresh, lively concentrated fruit of sour cherries, ripe raspberries, pomegranate and blueberries. In the mouth, sour tart cherries, dry cedar and clove with earthy undertones. The oak gives a needed structure to the wine. This wine reminds me of a light summer drinking Zweigelt and I think this Regent would be perfect slightly chilled and served in the garden or for a summer BBQ”

– Leah Newman, Whispering Wines

“A nose of sour dark cherries with notes of blackberry and smoky cedar, the fruits carried on the palate with a noted fresh acidity. Mid-palate I noted woody/smoky oak… The finish was dry but cleaned by the fresh acidity with more oak than fruit noted towards the end… Overall, a fresh sour fruit English Wine. Would go well with cold meats especially smoky ham or a bacon butty.”

– Kelvyn and Ruth Guest, Guest Wines






Only 8 left in stock (can be backordered)

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English red wine

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