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L’Enclos Merlot/Cabernet 2021, Domaine de Castelnau, IGP Pays d’Oc France


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Owned by the Lord of Guers as from the 13th century, the Domaine de Castelnau has very ancient origins. Since 1997, the estate belongs to Béatrice and Christophe Muret, thus carrying on their wine-grower forefathers’ vocation.

Red currants, red cherry, hints of leather and smoky tones all present on the nose, and smooth with red fruit flavours on the palate. Light tannin present and relatively light bodied, yet balanced.

Great with terrine, a sausage sandwich or vegetable chop suey and oyster mushrooms in soy sauce, or Greggs vegan sausage roll



In stock


France red wine


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