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Lockdown Mega-Mix (Case of 12)


Out of stock

Whether you are self-isolating, home schooling, learning new habits about each other or about yourself, it’s all getting bit ground-hoggy… we have the perfect remedy to make a welcome difference to each of your days!

We at Guest Wines have been busy putting together a carefully selected case of wines that we shall deliver straight to your door. All you need to do is select, then lift glass and drink!

1 × Navajas Blanco Rioja Spain

Out of stock

1 × Château Capion Le Chemin des Garennes 2016 AOP Terrasses de Larzac France

Out of stock

1 × Monte Llano Rioja Ramon Bilbao Spain

Out of stock


Out of stock


Our Lockdown Mega Mix of 6 white and 6 red wines is sure to delight. From the crisp and fresh, to rounder and fuller; there is certainly a different wine for a different day.

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