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Louis Guntrum Riesling 2014 Rheinhessen Germany


Only 6 left in stock

The Guntrum family roots go back until 1648, to the small village of Wörrstadt in Rheinhessen. Ever since, the Louis Guntrum family has been growing grapes and making wine. The 8th generation, Louis Jean George Guntrum, built today’s Estate building in 1923 – it offers a beautiful and spacious environment to produce some of the finest wines from Germany, but also impresses with its stunning location directly adjacent to the Rhein river. Today, the estate is owned and managed by the 11th generation Louis Konstantin Guntrum.

Now with a number of years behind it, it has begun to display those Riesling characteristics that come with age such as smokey notes, kerosene, crunchy tart apple and spice, along with the body developing a degree of generosity – happens to us all!

Goes really well with soft cheeses, especially ones with a bit of age such as Epoisses de Bourgogne or sushi


Only 6 left in stock


Germany white wine

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