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Lowerland Die Verlore Bokooi 2020, Prieska South Africa


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Bertie Coetzee represents the sixth generation of his family to farm Lowerland, on the banks of the Orange River near Prieska in the Northern Cape. Let’s not beat around the bush: traditional wine country this isn’t. The desertlike climate is peculiar, being approximately 29 degrees south so on the outer limits of what’s considered prime latitude for vines, but the African heat is moderated by over 1,000 metres of altitude and consequentially high diurnal range. Generally conditions are dry and therefore favourable for organic farming, on which Bertie is something of a visionary. Once picked, the grapes are driven for 12 hours south to Stellenbosch, where the wines are made by two of the best young talents in the Cape, Thistle & Weed (aka Stephanie Wiid & Etienne Terblanche) and Lukas van Loggerenberg.

Syrah (46%), Merlot (42%), Cabernet Sauvignon (6%), Petit Verdot (6%) Medium Bodied, Dry 12.78% abv

Die Verlore Bokooi (translates as ‘the lost goat’) is a marvellously enjoyable red wine, the 2016 vintage chosen as a ‘Hidden Gem’ in the 2018 Platter’s guide.

This non-vintage blend of the 2017 and 2018 vintages was made by JD Pretorius, and blends Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot.

All varieties were fermented naturally and separately.

Lighter than the 2016 release, the nose starts with fresh cherries, musk and notes of eucalyptus and cedarwood, supported by the balanced acidity of mid-palate. Elegant finish with hints of white pepper and roast beef.

A wine for all occasions – this Bokooi hits the sweet spot between elegance, complexity and drinkability.

Works with steak and peppercorn sauce, burgers, or spicy sausages with mash



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South Africa red wine


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