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Martin Longyan Dragon Eye 2018, Hebei, China


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Martin Winery was founded in 1997, initially a joint venture between a British and a Chinese enterprise. Martin Vineyard rests in harmony with its natural habitat in Yanhuai Valley, Huailai (Herbei Region) in northern China, and is renowned for its distinctive traditional Chinese grape varieties and wines that perfectly express the local terroir with sandy loam soils.

This delightful wine is made from Longyan (Dragon Eyes) – a Chinese indigenous grape variety.

Longyan is a dark skinned vitis vinifera variety traditionally grown for table grapes for over 800 years in China, exact origins are unknown but is European in its heritage, now grown in northern regions to produce dry white wines.

Grape growing is at around 750m and the province does gain some benefit from costal influences preserving acidity, although the region also suffers from monsoons. It has seen 6 months resting in tank prior to release.

Pale straw in colour and enjoys aromas of lemon, pear, green apple, honey and white flowers, clean, crispy and refreshing on the palate with a refreshing acidity.

This wine pairs well with seabass, scallop and prawn, sweet and sour chicken. Steamed dim sum, scallops, steamed whole fish or tea infused stir-fry shrimps

ABV%: 11.5

In stock (can be backordered)

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China white wine


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