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Nikolou Botanic Base Retsina Traditional 2019, Koropi, Attica, Central Greece


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Nikolou Winery is located in the heart of Koropi, at the very place where Nikolou family has been producing wines since 1875.

Retsina PGI Attiki, Traditional appellation. From a 20-year old vineyard of NE Attica. Savatiano 100%. Early harvesting in stacks, vinification and static settling for 48 hours in stainless steel tanks. Addition of pine resin and alcoholic fermentation with selected yeasts at controlled temperature.

Light yellowish green color. Mastiha (a resin with a slightly pine or cedar-like flavour gathered from the mastic tree) and herbs are combined with the fresh-fruity aromas of alcoholic fermentation. Rich body, characteristic of Savatiano variety, with long aftertaste.

Accompanies crispy fish, shrimps, seafood, stuffed vineleaves and delicacies of Greek gastronomic tradition


In stock

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