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Nuy Red Muskadel NV, Worcester South Africa


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The Nuy (pronounced Ney) Wine Cellar cooperative was established in 1963 and now has 23 members. They are one of the smallest cooperatives in south Africa but they have a big reputation.

At their winery in Worcester, at the foot off the Langeberg Mountains, they make a range of wines including red and white muscadels (muscats). Muskadel is the name in Afrikaans for the red Muscat variety of Frontignan, but confusingly they also use this name for the Muscat Blanc variety as well. This is made from the former and is essentially a fortified grape juice, made entirely the same way that Muscat de Beaumes de Venise is. At 16.5% alcohol the wine will keep for weeks once opened.

Despite a tradition of making it production of muscadel has been in decline in recent years so is now only 12% of the winery’s output but the wines have a great reputation and represent astonishing value for money.

The wine is extremely durable on opening, remaining fresh for many weeks, making it an ideal choice for restaurants wanting to offer a cracking by-the-glass pouring option. The production method involves crushing the grapes and allowing the juice to remain in contact with the skins for between 36 to 48 hours. After separation, the skins are pressed and then the must is fortified. very little, if any, fermentation takes place and resulting wines is aged briefly in tanks before bottling.

A stunning sweet, fortified wine with enticing ginger, toasted pecan, burnt caramel, cinnamon and dried fruit notes. Rich and intense, this is a real treat!

This pale-pink strawberry-scented South African classic is perfect with chocolate or cheese. Alternatively, enjoy in a tall glass with ice, soda, fresh ginger, a sprig of mint and a squeeze of lemon, or pour over vanilla ice-cream!. Bottled ready to drink and can be kept open in the fridge


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