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Pistonhead Low-Alcohol 0.5% Flat Tire Can (24*330ml)


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Pistonhead brews are created by Brutal Brewing established in 2011 (England/Sweden). They are a serious about their brews, but not serious about much else—their simple mission is to create great drinks. Pistonhead supports artists of all types. They love creativity and individuality.

A lager that pours smoothly without an over-inflated head, Pistonhead Flat Tire has a balanced and rich malt body and balanced, slightly marked bitterness. Centennial and Mosaic varieties of American hops give the brew a fresh floral aroma with hints of tropical fruit and citrus.

Color: Straw yellow
Aroma: A balanced hop floral aroma with hints of tropical fruit and citrus
Taste: A crisp malty flavor balanced by a pleasant bitterness
Hops: Magnum, Centennial and Mosaic
Malts: Pilsner, Münchener and Light Caramel

0.5% abv

Out of stock

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England lager


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