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Pit Wheel Classic Dry Gin, County Durham England


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“When setting the business up we wanted something that we could identify with something recognizable we could think yeah that’s us, our home, the areas heritage and it wasn’t long before the emblem of a pit wheel stood out.

Driving through the local area we fell upon many mining references open ground once the pit shafts and colliery building, now just memories for the older villagers to relay their stories. Each of the mining villages around us has its own identity symbolized by their wheel with a bit of history attached.

The Pit wheel imagery we use replicates the Wingate monument standing proud with its own story and individuality the very story we want for our product.

We as a couple were married during the miners strike of the 1980’s can remember the hardship the way people came together in the face of adversity even though we were not part of the industry ourselves we were part of the community had friends’ relatives and neighbours all connecting us.

The history of each platformed pit wheel, reminds us of community spirit good times filled with good people so we wanted the pit wheel to keep turning and our Gin to continue the conversation keeping history alive …” Derrick Rickard Managing Director Pitwheel Distillery 

Their Signature Dry Gin provides a crisp smooth gin with a traditional juniper base. They have used 10 specially selected botanicals including hibiscus, lemon peel and grain of paradise which have been vapour infused giving a zesty finish and a memorable taste experience. Simply enjoy!!



Only 2 left in stock


Local English Gin


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