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Plochoccy Mafo 2018, Vistula River Gorge Poland


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A warm welcome from Barbara and Marcin!

There is a saying that ‘History often goes in circles’. That’s how it has been for us. When we were young, we both felt attached to agriculture even to the point of graduating from the Technical School of Horticulture and then further studies in Environmental Protection (Basia) and Agriculture (Marcin) which we pursued with passion and practice. Because of the long distance between the farm and our permanent home – more than 300 km – we decided to buy a second farm near Daromin in the district of Sandomierz in 2005. In 2008, our vineyard was registered

This is a blend of Cabernet Cortis (Cabernet Sauvignon x Solaris), Frontenac (Landot Noir x Riparia), Léon Millot (Millardet et de Grasset x Goldriesling), Maréchal Foch (Goldriesling x Riparia) & Rondo

Deep, purple colour and good concentration. Rich in aromas of dark fruit, prunes and clearly marked notes of vanilla and toast. Strongly structured, hot in the mouth, which is characteristic of the yeast strain used for fermentation.

Try it with Polish beef rolls, Polish hussar beef roast, Mongolian beef or vegan beef strips in a stir fry!

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Polish red wine


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