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Pomelado Orange, Dominion de Punctum 2022, Castilla, Spain


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Punctum is a young and dynamic Winery located in Pinto, Madrid. They use state of the art modern techniques alongside traditional farming practices to get the most from their vineyards. Certified organic and using biodynamic practices the family have a strong connection with the land they cultivate. They understand the importance of working with their environment and not against it.

The Fernández family were grocers in Madrid when they decided to set this biodynamic estate up from scratch. Their objective was always to make accessible, easy to drink biodynamic wines and what they’ve achieved in 10 years is nothing short of impressive. High on a gently rolling plateau they built a purpose made winery cleverly laid out to facilitate collecting the grapes and making and storing the wine as efficiently as possible.

This is a great introduction to a style of wine loved by so many. With 14 days skin contact, this is a lighter, fresher style of orange wine made from Sauvignon Blanc that still shows the delicate almond and orange pith of the style really well.

Aromatic, full of flavours of blanched almond and cinnamon stick to a robust, bruised apple core. It sits beautifully alongside Manchego cheese or warm salads like hot-smoked salmon salad

Vegan, Organic, Biodynamic

In stock


Spain orange wine


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