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Renishaw Hall Classic Cuvee Rosé 2017, Derbyshire England


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Planted in 1972, formerly the most northerly vineyard in the world. Located in a three sided walled garden that has a radiating effect on the vines and raises average temperatures by approximately 1 deg C. The majority of the vines are pruned to guyot single and double depending on the strength of growth of the individual vine.The layout of the vineyard is slightly northerly to suit the layout of the land.The vineyard is tended to entirely by hand.

First task is the pressing of the grapes, all of the sparkling wines from the English Wine Project are whole bunched press, they do not crush and destem as although this practice leads to greater yields and potentially more varietal flavour. Following the press, the juice is allowed to stand for 24 hours before being racked off. After racking inoculation takes place with yeast and a MLF bacteria to increase, the yeast is designed to aid the varietal characteristics, whilst the MLF softens the acids from malic to lactic bacteria. The fermentation is a controlled process and the juice/wine is fermented for approximately 3 weeks until dry and the sugar has converted to alcohol. During this period the wine is racked with bentonite only – making it a vegan and gluten free product. Post fining the wine is then filtered and bottled. All movements throughout the wines time in the winery is controlled and movements are kept to a minimum.

Appearance – Pastel pink
Aroma – wild strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb
Taste – wild strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb, red apple,
Grape variety: Pinot Noir
ABV 12 %

Good to go with chicken schnitzel, creamy risotto, chocolate desserts, goats cheese on salted crackers or something off the barbi!


Only 1 left in stock


England rosé sparkling wine


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