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Renishaw Hall Walled Garden White 2021/22 Derbyshire England


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Planted in 1972, formerly the most northerly vineyard in the world. Located in a three sided walled garden that has a radiating effect on the vines and raises average temperatures by approximately 1 deg C. The majority of the vines are pruned to guyot single and double depending on the strength of growth of the individual vine. The layout of the vineyard is slightly northerly to suit the layout of the land. The vineyard is tended to entirely by hand.

100% Madeline Angevine

The Walled Garden White is now 100% barrel aged. Renovated barrels from Bordeaux (Seguin Moreau barrels), meaning that although there is oak it does not overpower the wine it also means that flavours of stone fruit are enhanced. There is zero filtration meaning more mouthfeel, whilst there being no added sugar. The wine is racked with bentonite only – making it a vegan and gluten free product.

Pale appearance with flashes of gold, with honey, peach, apple, orange and lemon zest and a smooth soft mouth feel – hints of orange and citrus fruit conclusion – hints of honey, peach and apple on first impression followed by refreshing acidity that leads to a refreshing and balanced wine.

A good all-rounder as it has decent weight, it can therefore be equally at home with Tofu or fish and chicken both grilled and fried



Only 2 left in stock


Bronze Medal, Decanter World Wine Awards 2021 

England white wine


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