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Saint Amour ‘A la Folie’ 2020, Domaine Chardigny Beaujolais France


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These young brothers, Pierre-Maxime, Jean-Baptiste and Jean-Michel, run their family domaine which they are in the process of transforming. Jean-Baptiste is also vineyard manager for the Joseph Leflaive estate in the maconnais.

They advocate a minimum use of sulphur and produce organic grapes, the result is a rich, fruit-driven, delicious Saint Amour.

Beaujolais is almost always a winner with French charcuterie such as patés, terrines, rillettes and saucisson sec and with white-rinded cheeses such as Brie and Camembert (provided they’re not overripe) but it’s a highly versatile wine that can easily take you through a meal where people are ordering different things


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France red wine


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