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Silesian Rondo Vous 2021, Bagieniec Poland


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Wine is an invitation – to meet, tell stories, share anecdotes. It tells the story of the place where it was created and the people behind it. Wine from the Silesian Vineyard speaks about the granite slopes of the Sudeten Foreland, the love for horses lasting for generations and the Lower Silesian wine traditions. Invite them to your meeting and listen to the character of Polish wine.

The Szato Bagno series is a wine created out of curiosity, where due to their limited quantity not afraid to try new things. The wines are rather unconventional, often low intervention, not fully smoothed, but in their opinion… always tasty. The label was created by a local artist, but above all what is hidden in the bottle is designed to cause a smile and pure pleasure. ENJOY!

This wine really goes well with dishes like cutlets with mashed potatoes, beef casserole with carrots and beans. It also tastes good with variety of cheeses. It goes well with veggies like cauliflower, green olives, pumpkin, polenta, onions, yellow and orange bell pepper, black beans leeks and fennel – so a nice veggie stew wouldn’t go amiss nor would a pizza with loaded fries!


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Poland red wine


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