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St Mary’s Vodka, Whitley Bay


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St Mary’s Premium Vodka has its heritage firmly rooted in the tides and times of the north east coast, batch distilled in the heart of North Tyneside.

Clarence Spirits Limited is owned by the husband and wife team Martin and Julie Summers and was created back in October 2018 based on the idea of why not?

The idea was born from a discussion one night asking why is there not a Gin that is so smooth and subtle that you can drink it by itself just with ice and then if you want to mix it up add a flavour tonic (and not having to worry if your flavoured gin would match the right tonic). From here St Mary’s Gin was created, followed by St Mary’s Vodka in 2019 and then St Mary’s Rum in 2020.

Using British grain spirit and natural spring water it will light up any occasion especially if you’re drinking with friends, reliving old or creating new memories.

Perfectly served ‘On the Rocks’, smoked eel with cool crème fraîche or with caviar blinis


Only 1 left in stock

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