Tacnbora is a light and subtle whisky, a blend of Scottish and Irish malt and grain whiskies that have been aged in a combination of ex-bourbon, virgin American oak and oloroso casks. This blend gives sweet, fruity characteristics on the nose along with hints of vanilla, candied citrus peels and subtle spices. On the palate at first there is a smooth honey and vanilla like character to the whisky, along with notes of nutmeg, sultanas and cream soda. In the finish the lasting flavours of honey and vanilla are complemented with the taste of sweet citrus, the finish lasts and lingers finishing off what is a subtle yet complex whisky.

Nose: Honey, candied citrus peel, vanilla, cherries
Palate: Vanilla, cream soda, sultanas, nutmeg
Finish: Sweet citrus, vanilla and honey

Produced by Ad Gefrin distillery in Northumberland, ‘Tácnbora’ – means Standard Bearer in Old English – and is a fitting name for the spirit that comes before all the others. The blend itself is a thoughtful mix of Scottish and Irish whiskies – reflecting the peoples that would have made up the Anglo-Saxon Northumbrians.

Ad Gefrin is the fantastic new whisky distillery being developed in Wooler and spearheaded by the Ferguson Family. Alongside the distillery the building will also house a museum, restaurant and shop. It is a destination and visitor experience to put Wooler on the map.