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Willowbrook 2018, Three Choirs, Gloucestershire England


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In 1973 the first vines where planted when local wine retailer Alan McKechnie started harvesting the vines on his small fruit farm. With a little help from the 1976 record summer temperatures and bumper harvest, his small fruit farm begun to expand. After nurturing it for 11 years, Alan sold up in 1984 due to poor health and the new owner was found.

Under the ownership of John Oldacre the vineyards flourished and the name was changed from Fairfield Fruit Farms to Three Choirs Vineyards due largely to John’s connections to the Three Choirs Festival, England’s oldest choral festival.

John Oldacre died in 2001 and the company largely remains in the hands of his family.

Siegerrebe 30%, Solaris 30%, Orion 16%, Reichensteiner 15%, Other 9% Alcohol: 11.5%

Subtle aromas of peach and lychee, soft and full on the palate, with a long, rich rounded finish. The early bottling has helped to capture the natural fruit characteristics of these aromatic varieties.

Fantastic with Asian dishes, salads or just by itself!



Only 4 left in stock

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England white wine

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