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Yamatogawa Shuzo ‘Autumn Leaves’ Honjozo Yauemon 720 ml Japan


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Autumn Leaves has a deliciously alluring fragrance of fresh apple peel, caramel and creamy rice. It is a pleasing sake that warms the senses and relaxes the soul; enjoy a glass by yourself or share with friends!

Tasting reveals a medium-dry, medium-bodied sake that has an initially strong impact which spreads around the mouth, dissipates quickly and matures into an excellent, creamy, rice flavour with gentle sweetness.

Autumn Leaves is also delightful warmed. Both the creamy characteristics and the perception of acidity increase slightly and the end result is a very well-balanced, warming, and easy drinking beverage.

Like most of Yamatogawa Shuzo’s sake, Autumn Leaves is best enjoyed with food and heartier, textured meat dishes such as roast poultry, stews and pate pair exceptionally well

Out of stock

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