Dessert wines are a group of sweet wines that can be red or white, still or sparkling, and have a higher alcohol content than most other wines. They are typically served with or instead of dessert but can also be enjoyed as an aperitif. Dessert wines vary in their degrees of sweetness and richness. There is no simple or carved-in-stone definition of a dessert wine.

Wines can be sweet because the grapes have been left on the vine for longer, gaining additional ripeness, or they can be left for even longer until they start to shrivel, thus, increasing their sugars.

Some dessert wines have their fruit put out on mats and are left to dry out, again, increasing those sugars and flavours.

Then there are those that become infection by a fungus known as Noble Rot – it sounds, and the grapes do look yucky, but the end result is a delicious, sweet wine – often much sought after!

And finally, there are those wines that have had additional high alcohol added to the wine during fermentation or just after. The ones during tend to be sweet as they still contain a high amount of unfermented sugar and those added after have a drier palate such as most Sherries.

These types of wines are made from a number of varieties from around the world, and can be used as an aperitif, great with main meals, and of course especially good to go with puds and cheeses! And there is nothing wrong with sipping their often-delicious nectar simply by itself!

Christmas is a traditional time that these wines see the light of day, but they are equally just as good when enjoyed all year round!

So, go on, get well and truly into that Festive Spirit, and go find your perfect match today!

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