Mindful Wine Tasting
Relax into the moment with Mindful Wine Tasting!

Mindful Wine Tasting

Thursday 21st July 2016, 7-9.30pm

Forget blurred vision – think clear vision! Time to get focused, relaxed and enjoy the present, and what better way than with a glass of wine!

In the run up to the summer holidays, life is probably very busy, making plans and madly organising what to do, where to go, how to entertain the kids for 6 weeks!!! Your head may be spinning with everything you feel you need to sort out but just don’t seem to have time to do! When do you ever just get the chance to sit, relax and be present? Not often I bet.

Here at Guest Wines we appreciate the importance of enjoying the NOW, not just because we have a one year old boy but because we enjoy wine & the lifestyle surrounding wine, and if anything deserves a moment of pure focus and enjoyment it’s when you lift that first glass of wine to your lips after a hard day or week’s work and a waft of what juicy, fruity aromas floats up your nose and tickles your senses teasing you with the flavours that await you.


As part of our new Third Thursday series of wine experiences at The Biscuit Factory, we have teamed up with Mindful Therapies to offer a truly unique wine tasting experience on the evening of Thursday 21st July in the exclusive & intimate setting of Artisan’s private dining room. It could just change your life forever.
Let us take you on a sensory journey through sight, sound, smell, touch, taste and appreciation whilst discovering five principles of mindfulness, including meditative exercises, and exploring five different wines. Mindfulness is being present, in the moment, intentionally, with curiosity and non-judgmentally.
Discover how tasting wine can be an exercise in Mindfulness and how Mindfulness can offer a new way of appreciating and enjoying what you drink. We promise you will leave re-charged and in charge of the NOW!

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You will also be automatically entered into our monthly prize drawer – this month you’re in with a chance to win a signed copy of Oz Clarke’s Wine A-Z 2016!

Tickets limited to 22 places – now on sale!


Mindful Wine Tasting

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Want to know more about Mindfulness? Then please click HERE to find out more.



* Notice of any changes to this event will be given as soon as possible.